Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3/9/2010 Trip to and arrival in Monterrey Mexico

Please note I will try to post for each day of my visit at the end of each day. Not promising anything though!

March 9th, 2001 this day started at 4:00 AM Mountain time. I got up got ready to leave, loaded the car and at 5:15 AM, I headed out to Sharon and Allens home. Sharon is babysitting my car for me while I am in Mexico. She is such a sweet heart. I love her dearly. She came with me to the airport and then drove my car back to her house after dropping me off.

Once getting settled in at the airport (free luggage fee because the credit/debit card system was down WOOT!) for United Airlines. Once everything was said and done my flight left at 7:18 AM and my first stop was Denver, Colorado. Which went pretty fast. Then it was off to HUMID AS HECK HOUSTON, Texas! I was sweating so bad from the humidity that even my hands were sweating! Yea and now I remember why I hated being there for 2 weeks back in 2000. Humidity and I do not get along so well.
I will deal with it for a visit, vacation, etc. But I refuse to live in such high humidity. It kicks in my asthma like no bodys business! After that it was off to Monterrey! My flight landed at 3:55 Central Time.

Anyway, the trip to Monterrey was long, but cheaper than flying straight through to Monterrey by about $500.00 USD.

Once you arrive in Monterrey you are required to deboard the plane on the tarmack and walk into the building for customs. For those of you who us Boise or other small airports you are familiar with deboarding on the tarmack and walking into the building.

It is a little bit humid here but nothing I can't handle. Not even half as bad as Houston, Texas.

The trip through customs was pretty quick, stamps for the passport, picked up luggage, some screening, and if your lucky the random choice of extra screening (which I lucked out on, and did not have to do extra screening, darn it! woot!).

Then! ALAS! I walk through the security doors leading from customs and there stands my handsome hubby and his friend Manuel. Manuel is a very nice gentleman. He drove us back to Larry's apartment.

Ok I am sure everyone has heard me complain about the way people drive in the U.S.? Well the way they drive here in Monterrey is on the close side of suicidal. Much worse than any driving I have experienced or witnessed living in the U.S. But, you do not hear of or see many car accidents, so that tells me that they pay more attention when driving than Americans do... take notes people!!!

Upon arriving at Larry's apartment I discovered his bed is rock hard. That will be addressed soon! I was introduced to his landlord Christy, who is a very sweet lady. I also met her husband who's name I can not remember. I met her daughter Susanna and also 2 of Christy's grandchildren. Who's names I can't remember.
Susanna is a very sweet lady as well. She took Larry and I to a seafood resturant called Atlantica. Very, Very, good food! Then we returned hom and slept. Not so well due to Larry's hard mattress.

I will post my great adventures of day 2 of my visit otherwise known as 3/10/2010 later tonight unless I get too tired. Then I will post it tomorrow.

Off to Monterrey Mexico!

Ok long story short...Hubby's new job has him working in Monterrey, Mexico. They want us to move our family there. So I am going to Monterrey to visit from March 9th until March 17th. To check out the area and pray and visit and hang out and see if this is what God would have us to do.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sorry I've been gone. We've been so busy lately. School, work, kids, hubby, church, etc. So let me update you.

My Dad had some medical issues that prevented him from working for 4 months. So I went back to work Sept 1, 2009 to Dec 23, 2009 to help them pay bills. Dad went back to work a few weeks before that. Which is good because I was laid off. Which sucks. I also found out I don't qualify for unemployment benefits. Which sucks even more!

Hubby got a new job. It pays better, they treat him well. The only problem is it is in Mexico. So he has to pay Taxes 3 ways. Mexico taxes, Federal income tax for the U.S. and State tax for the state of idaho. After it is said and done those three lovely places get half his paycheck which leaves us with a lot less then what he was making when he worked in Alaska. So we are considering moving to Mexico (don't worry and cry and leave comments about how bad the place is. Where he works is not like the border towns that everyone bases their opinions of Mexico on, also we are only talking about doing this because of the money situation and until he can find a job that pays him what he is worth here in Idaho). I will be going there in March to visit and check the place out to see if I even want to attempt to live there for a while. I have started to learn spanish so that I won't feel so out of place with the language barriers when I go. Also I have been researching my butt off about this place. We have friends who have lived there who have also been giving us information about this place. We are not making this decision lightly. Once I pay my visit to Mexico then we will decide if we are going to move or not. So don't go having a heart attack!

My Aunt who has lived with us since Sept 2008 was approved for SSI payments (not medical just money), she is still waiting on the medical side of it. She also found herself an apartment. She will be moving out soon. Good for her and good for us.

My husband got me a flute for Christmas because I have always wanted to learn to play and I start my lessons on Feb 6th, 2010. I am siked!

Both of our kids have improved in school tremendously this year. Our daughter who has dyslexica and is a all and all out drama queen 90% of the time and always has to be causing drama is finally at grade level in all areas of her learning process. THANK GOD!

Our son is above grade level in all areas of his learning.

Nothing else really to report at this time. Except that I can't find a job and it sucks! I also want to start a business but I can't even work on that until the decision to move to Mexico or not is made. Oh and I am still in school. Doing well. My next class Starts in march and it is Psychology of Religion.

Want to know anything else...I am on facebook. But if I don't know you or I don't read your blog then I probably won't add you. I don't like having trolls (people that I don't know who just want to be in my business) on my facebook page Sorry!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Cleaning.

If you are wondering where all the old blog postings I have made went....I deleted all of them. I figured time to start over. So When I have time. I'll begin posting again. Which might be later tonight. Tonight is back to school night for the kids so.. I must be going!